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9/7/2018 South County Times Article:
"Residents Offer Their Own Plans For Former Mall - With mixed-use development stalled, new ideas are emerging for Crestwood Plaza property"

Temporary Grading Plan for the Crestwood Mall Site

   posted Thursday, September 6th, 2018 - 5:15pm


Linked here you will find the temporary grading plan for the mall site which was sent to us this morning.

 Temporary Grading Plan from

If I'm reading all the squiggly lines correctly, the level of the parking lot where the mounds varies but is around 595' elevation above sea level. The max height of the big mound is 55' (650' elev) and is about 800' long and the small mound 34' (629' elev) and about 250' long. It will be "smoothed out" per the darker lines on page 4 in the PDF so in the end the big mound will 35' smaller than currently, and the small mound will lose 24' and become a 605' elev mesa.

Watson, by comparison goes from about 620' at New Sappington to about 610' at Old Sappington, so both mounds will be at/beneath road level.

Also, silt fences and inlet protections (block, gravel, fiber rolls) will be installed to further prevent erosion into neighboring properties.

Per the City of Crestwood, work is required to be completed by November 2018 and the contractor has fileda surety bond with the City to ensure work is completed. In February, 2019, the City will re-examine the situation and re-permit for another six months but only if it is in the best interest of the City. The process is the way it is since there is yet to be an official grading permit, which is because there is no site plan submitted yet.

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